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Chengdu Huarui Industrial Co., Ltd. Which is holded by HUARUI Group, offers a complete line of powder materials for many industries application, such as thermal spray (FS, HVOF, APS), hard facing (PTA, laser cladding, TIG, etc.), powder metallurgy (PM, MIM, 3D printing.), welding consumables (Electrode rod, flux-core wire etc.), Conductive Materials (EMI, EMC, etc.), and other industrial applications in our portfolios of metallic and ceramic materials. With medium-size and comprehensive powder manufacturing equipment and engineering staff engaged in developing innovative powder solutions, we try hard to surpass the demands of our markets.

Our broad product line of hard facing materials (FTC, SFTC, MTC ETC, FeMo, FeV, FeW), thermal spray powder (nickel based self-flux alloy powder, cobalt based self-flux alloy powder, iron based self-flux alloy powder, WC based alloy powder, ceramic powder, metal ceramic powder, compounded powder), titanium powder (CPTi powder, Ti-6Al-4V powder for improving tissue attachment to medical implants), oxide (nickel oxide, electronic grade, cobalt oxide),

Silver powder series (flake Silver powder, silver coated copper powder, silver coated glass powder,etc.), nitride (AlN, SiN, TiN,), MoS2, MoSi2, etc., coupled with unparalleled customization capabilities, allows us to meet nearly all of the powder product requirements in any market, including electronic, aerospace, medical, gas turbine, automotive, lubrication, metallurgy and petrochemical industries.

Over the past several years we have invested in our manufacturing facilities to ensure the availability of products and the highest levels of quality from our manufacturing in an efficient and safe environment. Our quality laboratory is also perfect and normative. The test result is reliable. Besides, we ask third party test organizations to make sure every batch of goods' test result is accurate. Our commitment of being a provider of powder solutions ensures that we take every step to help our customers to find what they need.

Our global customer service, sales and distribution teams stand ready to meet your critical powder demands. For additional information, please contact us.

PAXTON™ is owned by CHENGDU HUARUI, this brand was applied in 2014, widely used in all our powder series.

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Participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions related to our industry

1-2013 ITSC Exhibition in Busan

2013 ITSC Exhibition in Busan

2-2014 ITSC Exhibition in Barcelona

2014 ITSC Exhibition in Barcelona

3-2015 ITSC exhibition in Los Angeles

2015 ITSC exhibition in Los Angeles

4--2016 ITSC Exhibition in Shanghai

2016 ITSC Exhibition in Shanghai

5-2017 ITSC Exhibition in Düsseldorf

2017 ITSC Exhibition in Düsseldorf

6-21st Essen Welding&Cutting Fair in Beijing

21st Essen Welding&Cutting Fair in Beijing

7-Essen Exhibition in India

Essen Exhibition in India

8-2st Surface & Coating Fair in India

2st Surface & Coating Fair in India