Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

1. Quality
Huarui committed to supplying only the highest quality products. Selection of the best quality raw materials combined with stringent manufacturing controls assures you of reliable products. we maintain a sharp focus throughout every level of the organization to ensure that every facet of our customer’s needs are fulfilled. Our dedication to the highest possible quality control and lot-to-lot consistency is equally matched by.

2. Variety/Flexibility
Huarui offers a variety of standard formulations, shapes and sizes. And, when you have the need, we adjust compositions, forms and quantities as necessary to meet your requirements. We listen to our customers and then put more than 20 years of accumulated know how into providing creative, cost efficient solutions for your most difficult metallurgical requirements.

3. Custom Powder metal for Research & Development
Many powder metal suppliers lack the capability in producing small order quantities for R&D purposes. With our unique test furnaces, Huarui Industrial Materials is positioned to supply just that to companies and institutions who are testing the properties and feasibility of various alloy families. Furthermore, once a desired specification is met, we are also positioned in scaling up the production of the alloys to meet your production needs.

4. At The Lowest Cost
We want to both certify to the highest possible U.S. standards and supply materials at the lowest possible world price.