All-rounder in the Field of Materials- Carbonyl Iron Powder

Carbonyl iron powder has unique physical properties and is a high-grade basic production factor in the industrial field. Carbonyl iron powder has the physical characteristics of high purity, fine particle size (less than 10μm), high activity, onion-like layered structure, good fluidity and excellent magnetism. Its wear resistance, structural and electromagnetic properties are very outstanding. Carbonyl iron powder is obviously different from other iron powder in particle size, purity and form. In terms of particle size, carbonyl iron powder is generally below 10 microns, but iron powder is generally above 20 microns. Carbonyl iron powder has higher purity and fewer impurities. In addition, carbonyl iron powder can be prepared into fibrous, flake, and spherical shapes according to requirements to meet downstream preparation needs.

Carbonyl iron powder-SEM

The continuous innovation of carbonyl iron powder preparation technology has promoted the continuous enrichment of product categories. And the application fields of carbonyl iron powder are becoming wider and wider, and are closely related to many high-tech fields:

(1) Powder metallurgy

Carbonyl iron powder can not only improve the yield and strength of the product, but also prolong the life of the product by 5-10 times, so it is considered as one of the best additives;

powder metallurgy

(2) Electronic product coatings and components

In terms of environmental protection, with the increasing number of electronic products, the leakage and radiation of electromagnetic waves have become a new source of environmental pollution. Coatings and components prepared with carbonyl iron powder can prevent leakage and radiation of electromagnetic waves;

Electronic Component

(3) Soft magnetic materials

As a soft magnetic material, carbonyl iron powder is widely used in radio communication, navigation, radar positioning and other equipment because of its wide frequency band, stable performance, especially high permeability and low magnetic loss;

Soft magnetic materials

(4) High-end tool manufacturing

Carbonyl iron powder can replace expensive diamond powder through process improvement, and can also achieve quite high performance; in addition, for traditional iron-based diamond tools, the use of carbonyl iron powder can improve the holding force of the matrix to diamond and the wear resistance of the matrix;

diamond tool

(5) National defense

Carbonyl iron powder is not only used in the manufacture of conventional weapons, but also closely related to high-end stealth materials;

stealth plane

(6) Food additives

High purity carbonyl iron powder is considered as an ideal food iron supplement and an ideal raw material for producing iron supplement.

Iron Supplement

Carbonyl iron powder is widely used and has continuous expansion space. As the most basic industrial production factor, carbonyl iron powder has diversified application fields, involving aerospace, rail transit, military, Internet of Things and electronic communication, new energy infrastructure, food and medicine, etc.

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