Aluminum nitride   a new ceramic material with high thermal conductivity and high hardness

Introduction to aluminum nitride

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a white or gray nonmetallic compound with a molecular weight of 40.98, a melting point of 2200℃, a boiling point of 2510℃, and a density of 3.26g/cm³. Aluminum nitride is a new ceramic material with high thermal conductivity, high heat resistance, high corrosion resistance, high insulation and excellent creep resistance, which is widely used in electronics, electric power, aerospace, precision instruments and other fields.

Properties of aluminum nitride

1.Thermal properties: aluminum nitride has high thermal conductivity, second only to diamond, and can be used for a long time at high temperatures.

2. Mechanical properties: aluminum nitride has high hardness and good wear resistance.

3. Electrical properties: aluminum nitride has excellent electrical insulation.

4. Optical properties: Aluminum nitride has excellent optical properties, and its light transmission range is 200-2000nm, with a transmittance of more than 95%.

Preparation method of aluminum nitride

Aluminum nitride preparation methods are mainly as follows:

1. Carbothermal reduction method: calcium carbonate and alumina are mixed with carbon powder, heated to 1500-1600℃ in a blast furnace, so that carbon reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, the remaining carbon reacts with calcium carbonate to produce calcium and carbon dioxide, and finally get aluminum nitride.

2. Direct nitriding method: Mix alumina or aluminum salt with ammonia, add an appropriate amount of ammonium chloride to adjust the pH value, get a complex of aluminum ion and ammonia ion, and then heat at high temperature to 1000-1200℃, so that ammonia decomposition into ammonia gas, and finally get aluminum nitride.

3. Sputtering method: with high energy ion beam sputtering aluminum tetrachloride and nitrogen, aluminum tetrachloride reacts with nitrogen to produce aluminum nitride at high temperature, while collecting the generated aluminum nitride powder.

Aluminium nitride

The use of aluminum nitride

1. Electronic field: Aluminum nitride, as a high thermal conductivity material, is widely used in the packaging of electronic devices, such as semiconductor chips, transistors, etc.

2. Power field: The high heat resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminum nitride make it widely used in power systems, such as transformers, capacitors and so on.

3. Aerospace field: aluminum nitride’s high strength, high hardness and excellent creep resistance make it widely used in the aerospace field, such as aircraft engines, satellites and so on.

4. Precision instrument field: the high light transmittance and excellent optical properties of aluminum nitride make it widely used in the field of precision instruments, such as optical lenses, prisms, etc.

Aluminium nitride powder

Development prospect of aluminum nitride

With the continuous development of science and technology, aluminum nitride as a new type of ceramic material, its application field continues to expand, the market demand is also increasing. In the future, with the continuous improvement of aluminum nitride preparation process and the reduction of cost, aluminum nitride will be applied in more fields.


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