Application and preparation method of  molybdenum powder

Molybdenum powder appearance is dark gray metal powder, uniform color, no visible impurities. And hard and malleable; It is stable in air at room temperature and is burned to form molybdenum trioxide at high temperature. Can combine with chlorine and bromine, insoluble in hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid and aqua regia.

Use of molybdenum powder
Molybdenum powder is mainly used in the iron and steel industry, most of which are directly used in steel or cast iron after industrial molybdenum oxide pressing block, a small part of the smelting into ferro molybdenum, molybdenum foil, molybdenum foil and then used in steel. Low alloy steel contains no more than 1% molybdenum, but it accounts for about 50% of total molybdenum consumption. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel can be improved by adding molybdenum powder. The strength and wear resistance of iron can be improved by adding molybdenum powder to cast iron. Nickel base superalloy powder containing 18% molybdenum has the characteristics of high melting point, low density and low thermal expansion coefficient. It is used in the manufacture of various high temperature resistant parts in aviation and aerospace. Molybdenum powder is widely used in electronic devices such as electron tubes, transistors and rectifiers. Molybdenum oxide and molybdate are excellent catalysts in the chemical and petroleum industries.

Preparation technology of molybdenum powder
Microwave plasma method
Molybdenum powder was prepared by microwave plasma pyrolysis of hydroxyl group.
The microwave plasma device uses high-frequency electromagnetic oscillation microwave to breakdown N2 and other reactive gases, forming high temperature microwave plasma, and then makes Mo(CO)6 pyrolyze in N2 plasma atmosphere to produce nanometer molybdenum powder with uniform particle size. The device can immediately exhaust the generated CO, and make the generated Mo quickly condense into the collection device. Therefore, nanometer molybdenum powder with smaller particle size (average particle size below 50nm) can be prepared than that of hydroxyl pyrolysis. The single particle is approximately ball T-shaped and has good stability in the air at room temperature. Therefore, this kind of nanometer molybdenum powder can be widely used.


Plasma hydrogen reduction method
The high voltage DC arc is sprayed on the high frequency plasma stream by the mixed plasma reaction device, and a kind of mixed plasma stream is formed. The ultrafine molybdenum powder is obtained by plasma vapor reduction.

The obtained initial ultrafine molybdenum powder is injected into the DC arc injector and immediately cooled into ultrafine powder by cooling water. The average particle size of the obtained powder is about 30~50nm, which is suitable for spherical powder used in thermal spraying.

The unique advantage of this method is that it can prepare hundreds of different kinds of metal nanomaterials, generate artificial lightning-level ultra-high pressure inside the device, shock the metal, causing it to burst into nanoscale powder. We can control the particle size of our products by adjusting the parameters. Basically, the known elemental metals and alloy metals can be prepared into nanomaterials.
In addition, our molybdenum powder is also used in coating materials, welding consumables and metallurgical materials.
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