Application of titanium iron powder

Ferrotitanium powder is an important metal powder material, it is composed of titanium and iron two kinds of mixed metal powder, has a variety of uses.

1. Steel smelting: ferrotitanium powder can be used to smelt special steel, such as high-speed steel, tool steel and stainless steel. Adding proper amount of ferrotitanium powder can remove the harmful elements in steel and improve the mechanical properties and machining properties of steel.

2. Casting: Ferrotitanium powder can be used for casting alloys, such as titanium alloys, titanium matrix composites, etc. The addition of ferrotitanium powder can improve the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and high temperature properties of the alloy.

3. Alloy preparation: Ferrotitanium powder can be alloyed with other metal elements such as aluminum, nickel, etc., for the manufacture of superalloys, magnetic materials, electronic materials, etc.

4. Core-coated wire: Ferrotitanium powder can be used to manufacture core-coated wire in the steel industry to improve the strength, hardness and corrosion resistance of steel.

5. Chemical: ferrotitanium powder can be used to manufacture various titanium compounds, such as titanium dioxide, titanium sulfate, etc. These compounds can be used in the manufacture of pigments, plastics, coatings, medicine and other fields.

In general, titanium iron powder has a wide range of applications in steel, casting, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. With the continuous progress of science and technology, new uses and applications of ferrotitanium powder are also being developed.

Post time: Aug-03-2023