High performance alloy Inconel 625 powder


Inconel 625 is a Ni-Cr-Mo-Nb solid solution strengthened alloy that is widely used in many demanding applications due to its excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature creep and tensile properties. Inconel 625 in powder form exhibits superior physical and mechanical properties due to its uniform composition and structure.

Features of Inconel 625

1. Corrosion resistance: Inconel 625 has good resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

2. High temperature creep performance: Inconel 625 can maintain good creep performance at high temperatures, making it an ideal material for high temperature equipment.

3. Tensile properties: Inconel 625 has excellent tensile properties at room temperature to high temperatures, providing possibilities for various strength applications.

4. Fatigue performance: It shows excellent fatigue performance under cyclic loading and is suitable for environments with high cyclic load.

Application areas of Inconel 625

1. Oil and gas industry: for the manufacture of downhole equipment, pipelines and storage tanks.

2. Chemical industry: Used to manufacture chemical equipment, valves and pumps.

3. Power industry: For the manufacture of high-temperature equipment, such as boilers and nuclear reactors.

4. Aerospace industry: used to manufacture aerospace engine components and aerospace structural components.

Production method of Inconel 625

Inconel 625 powder is usually produced by electric arc furnace melting and gas atomization. Arc furnace melting ensures the purity of the alloy, and the gas atomization law ensures the uniformity and sphericity of the powder. In the production process, strict quality control ensures the stability and consistency of the product.

As a kind of high performance alloy material, Inconel 625 powder is widely used in many fields because of its excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature creep, tensile properties and fatigue properties.

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