Nickel-chromium alloy powder:Excellent performance and wide range of applications

Introduction of nickel-chromium alloy powder

Nickel-chromium alloy powder is an alloy powder composed of nickel and chromium elements. Among alloy powder materials, nichcr alloy is an important functional material with high resistance, high permeability and good high temperature performance. In the preparation of superalloys and functional materials, nichrome is often used as an additive to optimize the properties of the material.

Properties of nickel-chromium alloy powder

1. Physical properties: nickel-chromium alloy powder has a silver-white metallic luster, the powder particles are irregular, and the particle size is generally between 10 and 100μm. Its density is 7.8g/cm³, with high hardness, good tensile strength and elongation.

2. Chemical properties: Nickel chromium alloy powder has good chemical stability to water and air at room temperature, and has good corrosion resistance. At high temperatures, its oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance are even better.

3. Thermal properties: The melting point of nickel-chromium alloy powder is high, 1450 ~ 1490℃, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is small. At high temperature, its thermal conductivity and thermal stability are good.

4. Mechanical properties: nickel-chromium alloy powder has excellent mechanical properties, its tensile strength and yield strength are high, and the hardness is also large.

5. Magnetic properties: Nickel chromium alloy powder has a high permeability and resistivity, is a good soft magnetic material.

The use of nickel-chromium alloy powder

1. Superalloy: nickel-chromium alloy powder is one of the main raw materials for the preparation of superalloy. It can improve the high temperature strength, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the alloy. For example, in materials that require high temperature and corrosion resistance, such as golf courses, gliders and space shuttles, nickel-chromium alloy powder can be added to optimize its performance.

2. Soft magnetic material: nickel chromium alloy powder is a good soft magnetic material, often used in the preparation of magnetic components and electronic components. It can improve the permeability and resistivity of the material, thereby reducing electromagnetic interference and improving the quality of the electrical signal.

3. Functional materials: Nickel chromium alloy powder can also be used as functional materials, such as resistance materials, electric heating materials and heat treatment materials. In resistance materials, nichcr alloy powder can improve the precision and stability of resistance. In electric heating materials, it can improve the efficiency and life of heating elements; In heat treated materials, it can improve the high temperature resistance and mechanical properties of the material.

4. Other uses: In addition to the above uses, nickel-chromium alloy powder can also be used as wear-resistant materials, coatings and structural materials. In wear-resistant materials, it can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the material; In coatings, it can enhance the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating; In structural materials, it can improve the strength and durability of the material.

In short, as an important metal material, nickel-chromium alloy powder has excellent physical, chemical, thermal, mechanical and magnetic properties. It can be used as an additive in the preparation of superalloys, soft magnetic materials and other functional materials, and is widely used in machinery, electronics, aerospace and automotive fields.

Post time: Sep-21-2023