plasma spray cobalt alloy powder

plasma spray cobalt alloy powder

Short Description:

Cobalt based alloy powder is a material with excellent properties, which is often used in the manufacture of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts, such as medical devices, chemical equipment, high temperature furnace parts, etc. This kind of alloy powder has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Product Name: Cobalt based alloy powder
  • Grade: Co12#712.183 712.153
  • Color: Grey
  • Flow: 10-15 s/50g
  • Density: 4.3-4.8 g/cm3
  • Hardness: 42HRC
  • Size: -180+53micron; -53+15micron
  • Chemical Composition: Co Cr W Si Fe Mn
  • Shape: Spherical powderr
  • Chemical Contact: main Co
  • Product Detail

    Product Description

    The excellent properties of cobalt-based alloy powder are due to its special chemical composition and microstructure. It is made of a variety of metal elements mixed in accordance with a certain proportion after high temperature melting, of which the content of cobalt is higher, so it has good hardness and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the alloy also contains an appropriate amount of iron, chromium and other elements, so that it has better wear resistance. In the manufacturing process, cobalt-based alloy powder is produced using an advanced powder metallurgy process. First, the metal elements are mixed according to a certain proportion, and then through high temperature melting, rapid cooling and other process steps, and finally get a fine, uniform alloy powder. This powder has a high degree of fluidity, filling and sintering properties, and can be processed into a variety of complex shapes of parts.


    Item HR-Co1 HR-Co6 HR-Co12 HR-Co21
    HRC 48 38 42 28
    C 2.4 1.15 1.4 0.25
    Cr 30.5 29 29.5 27.5
    Si 1 1.1 1.45 2
    W 12.5 4 8.25 0.15
    Fe 3 3 3 2
    Mo 1 1 1 5.5
    Ni 3 3 3 2.5
    Co Bal Bal Bal Bal
    Mn 0.25 0.5 1 1



    Main applications

    Cobalt-based alloys have high strength, good resistance to thermal fatigue, thermal corrosion and abrasion, and good weldability at temperatures above 980℃.  Suitable for aviation jet engine, industrial gas turbine, ship gas turbine guide vane and nozzle guide vane and diesel nozzle etc.


    2.Wear-resistant Welding TIG/MIG

    3.Thermal spray PTA/HVOF

    HUARUI cobalt alloy powder advantage

    ● high sphericity

    ● high chemical composition homogeneity

    ● high apparent / tapping density

    ● Low inclusions content

    ● Low oxygen content

    ● High flowability

    ● Uniform surface thickness and low porosity

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