Tungsten Disulfide Powder

Tungsten Disulfide Powder

Short Description:

  • Model Number: HR-WS2
  • Purity: >99.9%
  • CAS No: 12138-09-9
  • Density (g/cm3): 7.5
  • Bulk density: 0.248g/cm3
  • Color: Black gray powder
  • Normal size: D50:6-10um
  • Melting point: 1250 ℃
  • Application: lubricant, catalyst
  • Product Detail

    Product Description

    Tungsten disulfide is a compound composed of two elements, tungsten and sulfur, and is often abbreviated as WS2. In terms of physical properties, tungsten disulfide is a black solid with a crystal structure and a metallic luster. Its melting point and hardness are high, insoluble in water and common acids and bases, but can react with strong bases. It is widely used in lubricants, electronic equipment, catalysts and other fields. As a lubricant, tungsten disulfide is widely used in various machinery and automobile manufacturing due to its excellent lubrication properties and high temperature oxidation resistance. In electronic devices, tungsten disulfide's high temperature stability and good conductivity make it an ideal heat dissipation material. In addition, due to its graphite-like structure, tungsten disulfide also plays an important role in battery manufacturing. In the field of catalysts, tungsten disulfide is used as a catalyst for methane decomposition due to its special structure. At the same time, tungsten disulfide also has application potential in superconducting materials and composites.

    Specification details

    Specifications of Tungsten Disulfide powder
    Purity >99.9%
    Size Fsss=0.4~0.7μm
    CAS 12138-09-9
    EINECS 235-243-3
    MOQ 5kg
    Density 7.5 g/cm3
    SSA 80 m2/g


    1) Solid additives for lubricating grease

    Mixing micron powder with grease at a ratio of 3% to 15% can enhance the high temperature stability, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of the grease and prolong the service life of the grease.

    Dispersing nano tungsten disulfide powder into lubricating oil can enhance lubricity (friction reduction) and anti-wear properties of lubricating oil, because nano tungsten disulfide is a powerful antioxidant, which can greatly prolong the service life of lubricating oil.

    2) Lubrication coating

    Tungsten disulfide powder can be sprayed on the surface of the substrate by dry and cold air under the pressure of 0.8Mpa (120psi). Spraying can be carried out at room temperature and the coating is 0.5 micron thick.  Alternatively, the powder is mixed with isopropyl alcohol and the sticky substance is applied to the substrate. At present, tungsten disulfide coating has been used in many fields, such as auto parts, aerospace parts, bearings, cutting tools, mold release, valve components, pistons, chains, etc.

    3) Catalyst

    Tungsten disulfide can also be used as a catalyst in the petrochemical field. Its advantages are high cracking performance, stable and reliable catalytic activity, and long service life.

    4) Other applications

    Tungsten disulfide is also used as a non-ferrous brush in the carbon industry, and can also be used in superhard materials and welding wire materials.


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