silicon carbide powder

silicon carbide powder

Short Description:

  • Product Name: black silicon carbide powder
  • Material: silicon carbide
  • Bulk Density:: 1.45-1.56g/m3
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Powder
  • CAS: 409-21-2
  • Customized support: OEM
  • Brand Name: HR
  • Place of Origin: Sichuan,China
  • Product Detail

    Product Description

    The physical properties of silicon carbide powder include high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation and wide thermal shock performance. These properties make SIC powder an ideal material, which can be widely used in extreme environments such as high temperature, high pressure, high power and strong radiation. Silicon carbide powder has a wide range of applications, mainly including ceramics, semiconductors, new energy and other fields. In the field of ceramics, silicon carbide powder can be used to prepare high-performance ceramic materials, such as high-temperature ceramic bowls, ceramic bearings, etc. In the semiconductor field, silicon carbide powder can be used to prepare semiconductor devices, such as diodes, power devices, etc. In the field of new energy, silicon carbide powder can be used to prepare anti-reflection films for solar cells to improve the conversion efficiency of solar energy.

    Specification details

    silicon carbide sic powder specification for nonabrasive
    Type Reference chemical composition (%) Size(mm)
    SiC F.C. Fe2O3
    TN98 ≥98.00 <1.00 <0.50 50~0
    TN97 ≥97.00 <1.50 <0.80 13~0
    TN95 ≥95.00 <2.50 <1.00 10~0
    TN90 ≥90.00 <3.00 <2.50 5~0
    TN88 ≥88.00 <3.50 <3.00 0.5~0
    TN85 ≥85.00 <5.00 <3.50 100F
    TN60 ≥60.00 <12.00 <3.50 200F
    TN50 ≥50.00 <15.00 <3.50 325F

    Quality control system


    Huarui has strict quality management system. We test our products first after we finish our production, and we test again before every delivery, even sample. And if you need, we would like to accept third party to test. Of course if you like, we could provide sample to you to test.

    Our product quality is guaranteed by Sichuan Metallurgical Institute and Guangzhou Institute of Metal Research. The long term cooperation with them can save a lot of testing time for customers.

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