Cobalt Oxide Powder Black Co3O4 Powder

Cobalt Oxide Powder Black Co3O4 Powder

Short Description:

  • Model Number: HR- Co3O4
  • Color: Black
  • Main content: Co: 71.5%min
  • Apparent Density: 0.5-1.5 g/cm3
  • Tap density: 2.0-3.0g/cm
  • Particle size: D50 4-6um
  • Application: catalyst, oxidant, cobalt salt manufacturing, enamel pigments, varistors, thermistors, etc.
  • Product Detail

    Product Description

    Co3O4 is black or gray-black powder. The bulk density is 0.5-1.5g/cm3, and the tap density is 2.0-3.0g/cm3. Cobalt tetroxide can be slowly dissolved in hot sulfuric acid, but insoluble in water, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid at room temperature. When heated to above 1200 ℃, it will decompose into cobalt oxide. When heated to 900°C in a hydrogen flame, it is reduced to metallic cobalt.

    Cobalt oxide powder has the characteristics of small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose density, less impurity content, spherical and high specific surface area, etc. It meets the requirements of electronic-grade powder materials, and can be widely used in electrical, chemical and alloy material fields.


    Cobalt oxide powder composition
    Grade Impurity Contained (wt% max)
    Co% Ni% Cu% Mn% Zn% Fe%
    A 73.5±0.5 ≤0.05 ≤0.003 ≤0.005 ≤0.005 ≤0.01
    B ≥74.0 ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.1
    C ≥72.0 ≤0.15 ≤0.10 ≤0.10 ≤0.10 ≤0.2




    1. Used as colorant and pigment for glass and ceramics, hard alloy;

    2. Oxidants and catalysts in the chemical industry;

    3. Used in semiconductor industry, electronic ceramics, lithium ion battery cathode materials, magnetic materials, temperature and gas sensors;

    4. Used as high purity analytical reagent, cobalt oxide and cobalt salt preparation

    Quality control system

    quality control

    Huarui has strict quality management system. We test our products first after we finish our production, and we test again before every delivery, even sample. And if you need, we would like to accept third party to test. Of course if you like, we could provide sample to you to test.

    Our product quality is guaranteed by Sichuan Metallurgical Institute and Guangzhou Institute of Metal Research. The long term cooperation with them can save a lot of testing time for customers.

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