alsi10mg powder

alsi10mg powder

Short Description:

  • Material: Silicon,Aluminium
  • Density: 0.8~15g/cm3
  • Appearance: Gray Powder
  • Application: Electronics,3D printing
  • Melting Point: 600-760℃
  • Solubility in H2O: Insoluble
  • Monoisotopic Mass: 54.958 g/mol
  • Brand Name: HR
  • Place of Origin: Sichuan,China
  • Product Detail

    Product Description

    AlSi10Mg is a high performance aluminum-silicon magnesium alloy with excellent mechanical properties and good thermal stability, which is widely used in the manufacture of important components in high-speed aircraft and aerospace industry. AlSi10Mg alloy has high strength, high hardness and good corrosion resistance, and can be heat treated to improve its mechanical properties. The alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of parts requiring high strength, rigidity and fatigue resistance, such as wing ribs, fuselage components and engine components for high-speed aircraft. Compared with other aluminum alloys, AlSi10Mg alloy has good wear resistance and fatigue resistance, and can maintain stable mechanical properties at high and low temperatures. In addition, the alloy can also be machined by different processing processes, such as milling, drilling and bending, which can be easily machined into a variety of complex parts and structures.

    Specification details

    Aluminium based Alloy Powder
      Alloy Grades Alloy Grades Chemistry ASTM
    HR10Mg ZL104
    Si 9.0-11.0
    Fe 0.55max
    Mn 0.45max
    Mg 0.2-0.45
    Zn 0.10max
    Ni 0.05max
    Ti 0.15max
    Al Bal
    HR10Mg ZL102
      Al Oxide 0.8max
    Cu 0.30
    Fe 0.80
    Mg 0.15
    Mn 0.15
    Si 11-13
    Zn 0.20
    Al Bal



    1.Electronic Packaging Materials
    2.As deoxidizer and alloying agents in the steel industry.
    3.Piston Material
    4.As a nucleating agent and spheroidizing agent in the cast iron industry.
    5.Conductive material
    6.As a reductant in ferroalloy production.
    7.Aluminum brazing
    8. 3D printing

    Quality control system


    Huarui has strict quality management system. We test our products first after we finish our production, and we test again before every delivery, even sample. And if you need, we would like to accept third party to test. Of course if you like, we could provide sample to you to test.

    Our product quality is guaranteed by Sichuan Metallurgical Institute and Guangzhou Institute of Metal Research. The long term cooperation with them can save a lot of testing time for customers.

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