Factory Outlet Silver Coated Copper Powder Ag-Cu powder

Factory Outlet Silver Coated Copper Powder Ag-Cu powder

Short Description:

  • Model Number: HR-Ag-Cu
  • Color: light red or silver gray
  • Purity: Ag3/5/10/20/30%
  • Raw material: silver ingot and copper ingot
  • Particle Size Distribution(PSD): D50=2-35um
  • App. Density: 0.75-3.54g/cm3
  • Morphology: flake, spherical
  • Appearance: depends on the silver ratio
  • Application: conductive ink/paste/ adhesive film/membrane, EMI/EMC shielding
  • Product Detail

    Product Description

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    The product is a shiny silver-copper-colored fine powder with strong adhesion. The higher the silver content, the better the conductivity, and the color of the product is closer to pure silver. The production adopts electroplating, which makes the silver layer denser and has better oxidation resistance; while other manufacturers use chemical methods, the silver layer has poor compactness and poor oxidation resistance. As a substitute of pure silver powder, silver coated copper powder is used in sintering paste, conductive paint, and conductive ink. Among them, D50:10um is the most used in conductive coatings and conductive inks.


    Silver-coated copper powder has stable properties, high oxidation resistance and stable resistance. Compared with copper powder, it overcomes the defect of easy oxidation of copper powder, has good electrical conductivity and high chemical stability.


    Silver Coated Copper Flakes
    Trade No Ag(%) Shape Size(um) Density(g/cm3)
    HR4010SC 10 Flakes D50:5 0.75
    HR5010SC 10 Flakes D50:15 1.05
    HRCF0110 10 Flakes D50:5-12 3.5-4.0
    HR3020SC 20 Flakes D50:23 0.95
    HR5030SC 30 Flakes D50:27 2.15
    HR4020SC 20 Flakes D50:45 1.85
    HR6075SC 7.5 Flakes D50:45 2.85
    HR6175SC 17.5 Flakes D50:56 0.85
    HR5050SC 50 Flakes D50:75 1.55
    HR3500SC 35-45 Spherical D50:5 3.54


    As a good conductive filler, silver coated copper powder can be made into various conductive and electromagnetic shielding products by adding it to coatings (paints), glues (adhesives), inks, polymer slurries, plastics, rubbers, etc

    It is widely used in electronics, electromechanical, communication, printing, aerospace, weapons and other industrial sectors of electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding and other fields. Such as computers, mobile phones, electronic medical equipment, electronic instrumentation and other electronic, electrical, communication products conductive, electromagnetic shielding.


    With the development of lead-free trend in the world, electronic product manufacturers will use more tin powder materials in their products. At the same time, along with the environmental protection consciousness unceasing enhancement, the non-toxic environmental protection property of tin powder will make it in the future will be applied to the medicine, the chemical industry, the light industry, the food, the health care, the artistic article and so on packing domain.
    1. Used in the manufacture of solder paste
    2. Electrical carbon products
    3. Friction materials
    4. Oil bearing and powder metallurgy structure materials


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