Superfine Conductive Nano Silver powder

Superfine Conductive Nano Silver powder

Short Description:

  • Model Number: HR-Ag
  • Purity: ≥99.95%
  • Raw material: silver ingot
  • Specifications: Nano & Micro
  • Particle Size Distribution: D50-3 Micron
  • App. Density: 0.95g/cm3
  • Shape: powder
  • Morphology: spherical, flake, fibrous
  • Color: silver gray
  • Application: conductive paste, conductive ink, electromagnetic shielding material, antibacterial agent, etc
  • Product Detail

    Product Description

    Our silver powder has the characteristics of low bulk density, high electrical conductivity, good fluidity and oxidation resistance. Flake silver powder is an ideal material for polymer sizing, conductive coatings, and electromagnetic shielding coatings. The coating with flake silver powder has good fluidity, anti-settlement and large spraying area.


    Grade Morphology Features Particle Size Distribution Apparent Density
    HR401NS Spherical D50=55nm 0.35 g/cm3
    HR402NS Spherical D50=55nm 1.25 g/cm3
    HR403NS Spherical D50=150nm 1.35 g/cm3
    HR404NS Spherical D50=230nm 1.25 g/cm3
    HR405NS Spherical D50=200nm 1.55 g/cm3
    HR501NS Dendritic D50=175nm 1.45 g/cm3
    HR502NS Dendritic D50=320nm 1.37 g/cm3
    HR503NS Dendritic D50=55nm 0.35 g/cm3
    HR504NS Dendritic D50=55nm 0.35 g/cm3
    HR505NS Dendritic D50=55nm 0.35 g/cm3
    HR601NS Fibrous Diameter 15nm, Length 2~3um 2.15 g/cm3
    HR602NS Fibrous Diameter 35nm Length 1~3um 1.75 g/cm3


    Conductive silver flake powder used in electronics and microelectronics industry, conductive inks and other conductive doped Compounds, etc.

    Nano silver powder is mainly used for sintering paste; micron silver powder is mainly used for conductive ink & conductive coating. Sintering paste is mainly used in electronics, capacitors, inductors, automotive rear window glass; conductive ink is mainly used in keyboards, membrane switches, mobile phone displays, etc. The composition of sintering paste and conductive ink/conductive coating is basically the same, which is composed of resin, solvent, silver powder and additives. The difference is that the sintering paste contains glass powder, while the conductive ink does not contain glass powder. 30nm and 250nm silver powder is the most used in sintering paste.

    Silver powder can also be used as an antibacterial agent used in various paper, plastic, and textile additives. It can be successfully applied to construction, cultural relics protection and medical products.

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