Metallurgy Materials

Metallurgy Materials

  • B4C nanopowder Boron carbide powder for welding material

    B4C nanopowder Boron carbide powder for welding material

    Product Description Boron carbide is an inorganic substance, usually a gray-black powder. It has a high density (2.55g/cm³), a high melting point (2350 ° C), and excellent chemical stability and neutron absorption. The material is very hard, equal to the hardness of diamond, and has the properties of neutron absorber. This has led to the use of boron carbide in many fields, such as nuclear energy as a neutron absorber, as well as wear resistant materials, ceramic reinforcement phase, lig...
  • silicon carbide powder

    silicon carbide powder

    Silicon carbide powder is an important inorganic non-metallic material, with excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties, widely used in electronics, electric power, aerospace, automotive and other fields.

  • silicon nitride powder

    silicon nitride powder

    Silicon nitride powder is used in insulating materials, mechanical wear-resistant materials, heat engine materials, cutting tools, high-grade refractory materials and corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant sealing parts.

  • spherical high purity niobium carbide powder

    spherical high purity niobium carbide powder

    Niobium Carbide Powder is grey dark powder with high melting point, high hardness material, widely used in refractory high temperature materials and cemented carbide additives.

  • aluminum silicon alloy powder for 3d printing

    aluminum silicon alloy powder for 3d printing

    Aluminum-silicon alloy powder is an important metal powder material, which is composed of a mixture of aluminum and silicon in different proportions and synthesized by high temperature reaction. The alloy powder has good corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and machining performance. And can be made into various shapes of parts by pressing, sintering and other processes.

  • alsi10mg powder

    alsi10mg powder

    AlSi10Mg alloy powder is a kind of powder with good sphericity, low surface oxygen content, uniform particle size distribution and vibration density, which is mainly used in solar slurry auxiliary materials, brazing, 3D printing, aviation and automotive parts, electronic packaging and other fields.

  • titanium powder Ti powder

    titanium powder Ti powder

    Product Description Titanium powder is a powder made of pure titanium, its appearance is silver-white, with excellent chemical stability and high melting point. Titanium powder has many unique characteristics, such as high strength, low density, good corrosion resistance and high temperature stability. Due to its good biocompatibility, titanium powder has been widely used in medical fields such as dental implants and orthopedic implants. In addition, titanium powder can also be used in t...
  • Molybdenum powder  mo powder

    Molybdenum powder mo powder

    Product Description Molybdenum powder is a gray or black powder, it is made of pure molybdenum metal powder. Molybdenum powder has the characteristics of high melting point, high strength and high hardness, and has good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the particle size, morphology and microstructure of molybdenum powder will also affect its properties and applications. Molybdenum powder application field is very wide, in the field of electronics, molyb...
  • carbonyl iron powder

    carbonyl iron powder

    Product Description Carbonyl iron powder is a kind of ultra-fine metal powder, which has the characteristics of high purity, good fluidity, good dispersion, high activity, excellent electromagnetic properties, good pressing and sintering formability. Carbonyl iron powder is widely used in military, electronics, chemical, medicine, food, agriculture and other fields. Carbonyl iron powder can be prepared into different forms such as fiber, flake or ball according to the requirements to mee...
  • Boron Nitride

    Boron Nitride

    Product Description Boron nitride has the characteristics of hardness, high melting point, corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity, which makes it widely used in many fields. The hardness of boron nitride is very high, similar to diamond. This makes boron nitride ideal for manufacturing high-hardness materials, such as cutting tools, abrasives, and ceramic materials. Boron nitride has excellent thermal conductivity. Its thermal conductivity is about twice that of metal, making...
  • Cobalt powders for 3D printing and surface coating

    Cobalt powders for 3D printing and surface coating

    Our range of cobalt powders includes cobalt-chromium alloys for 3D printing applications and cobalt-based powders for surface coating deposition technologies such as flame spraying and HOVF.

  • Chromium powder

    Chromium powder

    Chromium powder is dark gray fine particle, which have strongest hardness. It can protect metal when coating.